TS 001 – The Demons Rise

Hello, this is Picking up the Shock and my name is Ezra. Nothing’s scary for brave people, and I’ll fix that, by telling you a serialized story guaranteed to be scary. Each episode is a scaresome (that’s scary and wholesome) story for you with the subgenre brave horror. Tonight is a scary starter, So feel free to leave if you don’t like scary things. Episode 1, The Demons Rise.  Story follows in 3 2 1 !

Anthony was going to the Metalim Café as a tradition. He was riding cautiously on a trek 6000 bicycle. It was a dark and stormy night. He did actually own a car, but an old lady stole it. 

Anthony slid his bike down and ran Into and cracked a giant wooden door with a window that read:­ METALIM CAFÉ resulting with a SLAM!  “Ow!” Anthony screamed in pain.  The door normally opened.

“Mark?” Anthony asks, trying to not sound SO hurt. No answer. He only heard groaning from himself. He gets out a recorder for a personal journal entry.  So he says to start off “Ok, this is strange.”  

Leaning close, Anthony hears what sounds like his friend Mark’s muffled voice coming from the other side of the door.   Mark was sputtering in an unrecognizable language “Land o gelreton hat omnkg.” He continues with ”asnxg goyu hotoa.“

Anthony knew something was up so he ran to the corner and ran down to the alley, swooping around dumpsters to hide. While hiding in the shadow filled alley between the café and the grocery store; he noticed his mustang t1000 turbo was there. Thanks, old lady. Meanwhile, he thought he’d seen a demon possessing his friend. It looked like Mark’s eyes were glowing.   He got in his mustang,

“Aw man, my recorder fell and broke!” Anthony said. He can’t go looking for a broken recorder to risk his life.  He smacked into D1 and drove away from demon territory.    

He raced around Mark’s mini cooper and a ford F-150 raptor, missing both by mere millimeters.  A dog threw its paws on the F-150 window, watching the red mustang blur through heavy rain and darkness.  His life was never that scary, going to a demon possessed café, losing his really expensive recorder for his life, and racing down a dark, scary, long road.        

That is what I call a great start. Don’t think you’d like to be Anthony, but you’re brave enough.

OH don’t be sad!  Episode 2 will be here in no time!­­­­­­  Wait, is that Mark outside?!?!  His eyes are glowing!

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